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<u>License agreement</u> License agreement

License Agreement
The following rules represent an agreement between the service and users of service.

1. Terms
1.1. Using the service , User accepts the terms of this agreement. Administration service reserves the right to change this agreement without prior notice to you. The new conditions come into effect from the date of posting on the site
1.2. All materials created by protected by copyright and intellectual property protection.

2. Service is not responsible for:
2.1. Payments carried out manually, bypassing the billing system *
2.2. Login violated any of paragraphs 3 of this license. **

3. Restrictions on Use
3.1. User has no right to use the service granted to him name until its activation, or after its deactivation.
3.2. User has no right to use multiple devices to one account. ***
3.3. User has no right to pass information about the server, the 3rd person

* Considered a successful payment, after which you will see the increase in the amount of the balance of your username.
** User violated paragraphs 3.1-3.3 of this license will receive a denial of service service .
*** If you have a need to use the service for multiple devices, you must register a separate username for each device.
**** Unused money will not be refunded to the user.

I accept the license agreement *